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Sustainability Planning

From Climate Action plans for municipalities to corporate Sustainability Plans our team does the analysis and creates the necessary metrics to achieve identified sustainability goals.


Cultural Competency Training

Our team specializes in identifying key personnel who could benefit from enhancing their cultural competency subject matter expertise. We provide training and also develop impact assessments where we create measure for evaluating success.


Climate Adaptation & Resiliency Planning

In order to develop plans we identify current and future climate variability impacts, assess system vulnerabilities and risks, develop resiliency strategies, and create monitoring programs that work.


Strategic Communication / Community Engagement

The Hummingbird team will develop specific communication tools that meet your needs and those of your stakeholders. Several factors are considered and weighed into the development of the final communication strategy and tools. We specialize in understanding the target audience by doing the on-the-ground research needed to identify the optimal strategy for effectively communicating intended goals and outcomes of any project. Some of our tactics include target audience identification, SWOT analysis of existing communications plans, and cultural competency assessments.

MaKara leaves me tired but in a good way!
She has an agenda and always has it all planned out. MaKara is really high on energy and that is key in this field.
— Jewell A. Harper | Environmental Justice Activist and Former Senior Advisor at USEPA