Hummingbird Firm

Why Hummingbird




The Hummingbird Firm provides strategic communications and community engagement for engineering and construction firms, water authorities, private developers, federal agencies, and municipalities.  We specialize in water consent decrees, Brownfield's redevelopment, transportation projects, and climate adaptation and resiliency planning.

Our hands-on approach allows us to develop innovative plans that result in economically and socially beneficial solutions based on comprehensive analysis and situational awareness.

Why Public Involvement?

Engaging the community offers an opportunity to gain legitimacy,
manage social risk, gain a competitive edge, and co-develop
innovative solutions to manage headline risk.  

Once firms determine whether they want their engagement to be
transactional, transitional or transformational our firm can determine how
to advise on strategic communications planning and implementation for engagement.

Many factors influence community engagement, such as regulations,
community expectations and attitudes, and firm resources and

Successful community engagement is achieved by matching the
institutional, organizational and community context with the overall
engagement approach.


Staff & Expertise

Hummingbird's community engagement strategists represent the edge of market disruption, apply modern technology and tools to address complex projects.  With over 30 years of experience, the Hummingbird team can provide you with facilitation, day-to-day stakeholder engagement protocol, build internal capacity, or help you turn your project into one with an improved bottom line, good will, and good news. Our services range from analysis of land reuse and revitalization options and implementation, as well as economic, social, and environmental strategic planning for corporate, city and community clients.

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